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Positioning the Future

Positioning is the Key Element

AXON’s positioning is all about bringing the right set of technologies to help in understanding movement patterns of individuals and assets in an organization or institution

Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a radio technology that allows short-range, high-bandwidth communication using very low energy levels over a large portion of the radio spectrum. Although it was only suitable for use on robots due to the relatively large size of the positioning tags and the need for a power supply, in recent years, the dramatic reduction in tag size and extended battery life (>2 months) has made it possible to become the next generation of precise positioning technology.


Positioning consumer behaviors and market developing

Geodata is the relationship between time-space and information. To enhance information structure, in the development of smart cities, we not only need to collect and analyse data, but we also need to store timestamps in three-dimensional spatial containers. Therefore, knowing the exact location is the first step.

Positioning supply chain
IoT is changing rules & saving money


Positioning pedestrian flow and optimization

Our software development team makes our 3D sensors with the utmost care and precision. We offer a full solution of cutting-edge products for tracking people flows.

Positioning posture and estimation

Posture estimation model consists of a set of joints and limb orientations comprising the skeletal structure of a human body. This model enable the A.I. to determine the human behavior.

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