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WE VISUALISE YOUR PLAN AND                                      THOUGHTS INTO REAL.


AXON Technology created a smart solution software that helps professionals with a range of construction tasks, including blueprint management, as built drawing software, construction management and scheduling. It also has a punch list to expedite the close out process and building inspection. Features, depending on your plan, include plan viewing, file sharing, sheet comparison, punch list reports, API access, Box and Dropbox two-way sync, training programs, the ability to invite external users and centralized billing.

Visualise projects

Create, track, and review development projects by using building information modeling (BIM) and other types of 3D information throughout the project review process gives planners and developers a common view of urban development guidelines and reduces the time required for building applications.

Start a digital planning and building process


Improve workplace safety

Internet of Things (IoT) to make the workplace safer. Wearable sensors can identify the location of your workers and provide alerts if one of them slips and falls, for instance.

  • An aircraft or vessel in a public place; 

  • The place occupied by the driver of a land transport vehicle when it is in a public place (but other employees working in the vehicle are covered); 

  • Domestic premises at which only domestic servants are employed; and 

  • Places where only self-employed persons work. 

Using the old-fashion way on construction design will slower down the building process, yet, With ai in building design, you and your contractors can glean insights from building data, material data, and the data they collect from the environment, for example, to identify the best way to design and develop a project.


Internet of Things (IoT) to make the workplace safer. 

Internet of Things (IoT) to make the workplace safer. 

Internet of Things (IoT) to make the workplace safer. 

Internet of Things (IoT) to make the workplace safer. 

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