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Axon Technology,

          your smart solution to everything.

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Smart Construction

Behind the curve in the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions are engineering and construction. We survey software and algorithms on the basis of comprehensive research to help bridge the gap in technology. The fundamentals of construction have not changed much throughout the years, however, with the aids of technologies like BIM, it largely changes in working practices could now bring about real change.

Smart Property Management

By utilising IoT, the information within buildings can be shared between systems to optimise the building’s performance. Smart building technology contains various applications within a building, by collecting data and analysing the information is then used to automate various processes, from heating and ventilation to air conditioning and security.


Smart Retail And Hospitality 

The AIoT merges machine learning by connecting devices and infrastructures. By feeding the machine learning algorithms the day they needed, they can make instant decisions and feedbacks to optimise the efficiency and the user experience of all connected devices. The AIoT represents a major step forward in its ability to transform insight into actions. 

Smart Hospital

Smart transportation is one of the main ways in which smart cities improve citizens' daily lives and enhance sustainability. One of the main objectives is to reduce the time we spent on travelling. For instance, many modern cars are equipped with IoT devices that integrate with the traffic management systems of a city. These cars can communicate with their surroundings and share real-time data about road conditions, becoming a sensor that can feed the smart city with valuable data 


Smart Logistic

With the technologies and expertise we have, we are committed to applying advanced technologies to the logistics industry by using information technology to promote the transformation of it. We are working on achieving logistics automation, visualization, controllability, intellectualization, networking, and we hope to improve resource utilization and innovate logistic service mode.

Axon Smart Solutions

Mankind has been great on improving our living by inventing and developing technologies. In the past centuries, the evolution of our technologies has been massive, from steam engine to electric vehicle, from books to tablets. However, the growth seems to be happened in the virtual world. Axon Technology put data and digital technology to work real-time data to improve citizen participation, IT connectivity, urban mobility. Through our technology, better decisions can be made. We provide different applications for cities, companies and the public to enhance the effectiveness of city operation and quality of living, as to provide a brighter future for citizens, our technology combined Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data to make the city more liveable and alive.

“Smart” has been a term that is broadly used in plenty of industries, most of the times it is to indicate an intelligent or innovative practice, yet, oftentimes people are just focusing on the technology itself, but it is crucial to consider how to connect them as a whole, in order to get twice the result with half the effort. Axon Technology is dedicated to improve and bring new insight to the practice of different industries by applying various technologies and our expertise.

With multiple patent and years of experience, we have collaborated with various companies, including some of the top companies in different industries, such as Siemens and HUD Group. With that being said, we have put our main focus on building smart cities as they put data and digital technology to work with the goal of improving the quality of life. More comprehensive, real-time data gives agencies the ability to watch events as they unfold, understand how demand patterns are changing, and respond with faster and lower-cost solutions.


Location Tracking: Prevent accidents
and losses.

Indoor Navigation: Helps to save time regardless of situations.

Facial Identification: Ensure the efficiency

of work.

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