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Understanding Consumer Behavior With Axon’s AI People Tracking System

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Why customer tracking data is the key to understanding consumer behavior?

Knowing consumer behavior is critical to your business marketing strategy. This insight allows you to allocate your resources, plan accordingly and target more customers. Real-time consumer behavioral data makes digital marketing offers timely and relevant. One of the advantages of detailed data is that it helps to predict future activity. Marketers use the data to provide relevant information, personalize and improve the shopping experience.

Now, the COVID-19 crisis has caused consumers everywhere to change their behaviors—rapidly and in large numbers. Understanding consumer behavior and adjusting your marketing strategy will create more opportunities to increase revenue. But, how can you track your customers to understand how they make their buying decisions?

How Axon’s AI people tracking system helps you capture consumer behavior data?

Axon’s software development team makes our 3D sensors with the utmost care and precision. We offer a full solution of cutting-edge products for tracking people flows.

Swiss Hardware Technology

Simple design, smart functionality and embedded processing are the cornerstones of our sensors' build. Our sensors which are imported from Switzerland can meet your specific architectural requirements, thanks to easy installation and our hardware accessories for those outlier locations.

Software Development Inhouse

Our in-house development team offers customized solutions to meet your customers in local and international markets.

Whether it's our all-in-one database solution or our cloud and device control services, our software provides a comprehensive solution at the intersection between your needs and our sensors.

High Privacy & security

Similar to the workings of the human eye, ceiling mounted 3D sensors capture the scene below using stereo vision. The two wide-angle lenses perceive the scene from different perspectives (left and right images). The sensor calculates this optical disparity for every pixel of the image. This results in a precise depth map or 3D image of the whole scene. It is calculated up to thirty times per second in real time.

The 3D sensors are equipped with artificial intelligence and process data directly on the device (edge computing) – allowing people to be counted in line with data protection guidelines. The sensors transmit the people coordinates as distinct dots only.

Occupancy Management

Our 3D stereo-vision sensors can count the inflow and outflow of visiting people in various locations with unparalleled accuracy. This enables you to manage your maximum capacity in real time and clearly communicate it with your customers.

Physical Distancing Management

In addition to counting a location's overall capacity in real time, our social distance module can also coordinate management of physical distancing.

We can help you ensure the safety of your people when a contagious disease is present.

Use consumer behavior analysis to predict market trend

By segmenting the market into specific subgroups based on similarities in behaviors, geographic location, or other demographics, marketers can better target groups with personalized marketing strategies. With this knowledge at hand, focusing customers on the right product and positioning becomes easier.

Arguably one of the most significant benefits for using data in consumer behavior analytics is forecasting sales. These predictions are essential for creating budgets and setting strategies. Using predictive forecasting creates intelligent and evidence-based estimates of sales goals based upon current and past sales performance reports.

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